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Good value for money thank you

Oliver, 17 Jan 2021

V gd

Richard, 15 Jan 2021

10/10 quality

Jordan, 13 Jan 2021

Can be slow delivery, but good kebabs

Tania, 10 Jan 2021


disgusting over 2 and half hour delivery dont take orders if you cant supply

Julie, 09 Jan 2021

Very nice people and great food.

Macauley, 09 Jan 2021

Found either a piece of glass or hard piece of plastic which was sharp in the salad on my kebab. Almost swallowed it, luckily I felt it in my mouth. Very dangerous.

Carly, 06 Jan 2021

Was just looking to add that the address is the houses set back (triangular bit of grass in front of set of 6 houses, with triangular roofs) just on your right, just after you pass the road on your left called mountains road. It’s too quick to leave feedback when we haven’t got our order!

Donna, 30 Dec 2020

Karl, 27 Dec 2020

Best doner meat

Carl, 26 Dec 2020


Lewis, 24 Dec 2020

I use these guys regularly, However, these guys continuously forget sauce, drinks and salad requests. They literally probably owe me £20 for cans of drinks. And today, I’ve waited almost 3 hours for a delivery. When i called they said 15 mins so I waited another 45 mins then called again where the said definitely 10 mins now and apologised for being busy. I then waited another 30 mins before the order finally came. I understand people get busy, I really do however.... don’t lie!!!

Stacey, 19 Dec 2020

would order again

Bethany, 18 Dec 2020

Great tasting food and a good team who go out their way to please customers

John, 11 Dec 2020

Boss men do not know how to follow orders, when I ask for lettuce and cucumber I expect it

Will Daniels , 10 Dec 2020

Greed has took this to far as the song goes greed will leave your kids in blood water...stop upping prices, dodgy food ridiculous customer service, and cocky attitudes when asking for a refund or replacement. Since lockdown you have become pure greed and you will end up dead in the water...with your son and your daughter...

Reilly Draper, 07 Dec 2020


Andrew, 01 Dec 2020

I ordered from there then get a call saying they have cancelled it and won’t deliver food to me because someone else cancelled there order from this address previously which is nothing to do with me. Absolute joke !!!

Jacob, 29 Nov 2020

Seriously hungry, ordered for 6.55pm and still not here, can't get through to speak to anyone.

Romilly, 28 Nov 2020

Ordered at 6pm with a 70 min wait and we haven’t received.... can’t get thorough on the phone

Amy, 28 Nov 2020

App saying food should of been delivered but not here ?

Sharon, 28 Nov 2020

Please could you update me on my order that i placed at 5pm that has not arrived yet please advise. I have tied ringing but it is going to voicemail and it is full

Hilary Sutton, 28 Nov 2020

Countdown timer finished. So was fashionably late and not for the first time.

Daniel, 28 Nov 2020


Noname, 14 Nov 2020


Pippa, 13 Nov 2020

Guys forgot my cheese for my kebab, couldn’t apologise enough, it was only cheese lol. But they dropped a pot of cheese off to me less than 5 minutes after I rang! Thanks guys!

Cheyenne, 09 Nov 2020